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Dental Hygiene and Cleaning in Edgewater, NJ

Dental Hygiene and Cleaning in Edgewater, NJ2018-05-10T11:14:08+00:00

Good dental health is a team effort. Your at-home hygiene routine is important. In fact, along with your diet, it’s probably the biggest contributor to your oral health. But if you want to be healthy, you also need to have regular checkups and professional cleanings to protect against gum disease and tooth decay.

As part of your general dentistry routine, we recommend that you schedule twice-a-year visits at our Edgewater, NJ office. During these visits, Dr. Wanda Mejia, Dr. George Sepiashvili, or another of our experienced dentists will perform a thorough examination of your teeth, gums, and mouth. Our hygienists will perform a careful professional cleaning to remove what your at-home routine missed.

If you’re overdue for a checkup and cleaning, please call (201) 943-6644 today for an appointment at Advanced Dentistry of Edgewater.

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Importance of Proper Dental Hygiene and Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning your teeth is probably the most important part of your daily hygiene routine. Your hair might benefit if you don’t wash it every day, but your teeth will suffer if you don’t clean them. Every time you eat, plaque accumulates on your teeth. Plaque is a sticky film that includes food residue and oral bacteria. These bacteria feed on sugars and carbohydrates in your diet. As they eat, they multiply, and they excrete dangerous acid. This acid attacks your tooth enamel, your gums, and even your bones. The more bacteria you have, the greater your risk for tooth cavities and gum disease. If you aren’t cleaning your teeth well, you will soon need a filling, crown, or even root canal therapy.

Gum disease can lead to even more serious health problems. This chronic infection can affect your heart, lungs, and immune system function.

To prevent cavities and gum disease, make sure to brush twice a day and floss once a day. Reducing between-meal snacks can also help. Follow each snack and meal with a water rinse. It’s usually not necessary to brush after each meal. Sometimes, too much brushing can be a problem.

Why Professional Cleanings Matter

If you’re doing a thorough job of cleaning your teeth at home, you might think that you don’t need professional cleanings. But professional cleanings can remove deposits that you can’t remove at home.

If you don’t get all the plaque off your teeth, it absorbs minerals from your saliva. This turns them into hard deposits, almost like fossils. This is called tartar.  No amount of brushing will remove these deposits. Tartar control toothpaste is more likely to erode your teeth than remove these deposits. As these deposits grow, they can shelter oral bacteria, which can speed the development of cavities and gum disease.

At your professional cleaning, a hygienist will gently and safely remove the tartar deposits. Doing this periodically protect your oral health.

Checkups Are Important, Too

Regular dental checkups can also help you maintain good oral health. It allows us to look for developing problems. Hopefully, we can spot them before they become serious. When detected early enough, tooth decay can be stopped and reversed by simple changes in hygiene and diet. This helps you avoid the nuisance and expense of reconstructive dentistry.

If you live in or around Edgewater, NJ and would like more information on proper oral hygiene and tooth cleaning, please call (201) 943-6644 or email the helpful staff at Advanced Dentistry of Edgewater to schedule an initial consultation today.