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Most current denture wearers are unhappy with them. In fact, they think that they don’t have a choice. That dentures can’t be better. But that’s not true: dentures don’t have to be bad. They can be comfortable, secure, and functional. This is a comfort for people considering their first set of dentures, too. You won’t necessarily end up with the sunken, wrinkled face that many associate with dentures. You can rejuvenate your facial appearance even as you rejuvenate your smile. A beautiful, natural-looking smile and a facelift effect: who could ask for more?

If you would like to learn more about what makes New You Dentures™ different from traditional ones, please call Advanced Dentistry of Edgewater at (201) 943-6644 today for an appointment with Dr. Wanda Mejia or Dr. George Sepiashvili at our Edgewater, NJ office.

Combining Committed Craftsmanship and Advanced Technology

Dentures are an ancient art, and many dentists craft them using techniques that are outmoded. This results in the same poor fit and poor function that people dealt with in the past. Where dentists have employed advanced technology to dentures, the emphasis has often been on making them faster and cheaper, not better. Cheap denture dentists are everywhere, and they promise nothing but a low price. They often fail even in this, because paying any price for dentures you can’t use is too expensive.

But New You Dentures™ dentists like Dr. Sepiashvili understand the value of quality dentures. They know that denture patients deserve quality care. They use the power of technology in the service of careful craftsmanship to achieve superior results for dentures patients.

A Solid Foundation for a Youthful Appearance

Quality dentures don’t just restore your smile. They rejuvenate your appearance. Not only do straight, white teeth look youthful, New You Dentures™ restore the youthful proportions of your face.

Our teeth, our skin, our jawbone, and our other tissues all developed in proportion together. As we age, our teeth wear down and then are lost. This removes the support from our face. Without support, the skin of our face has to hang down or fold inward, creating wrinkles, jowls, turkey neck,  and a sunken face–all the common signs of aging. Dentures should replace the lost volume in the face, but traditional dentures do a poor job of it. Even worse, dentures that don’t fit right can actually cause you to lose jawbone, which makes your face lose even more support.

New You Dentures™ replace the full volume of the lost teeth and the jawbone. This restores your face’s youthful proportions. New You Dentures™ don’t just fit your mouth, they are fitted to your face. You’ll feel more comfortable, and you’ll look better, too.

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Many Options to Anchor Your Dentures

New You Dentures™ offer you many flexible options. You can get dentures that sit on your gums just like traditional dentures. With superior fit, this is a step above traditional dentures, but it still has limitations.

To maximize the benefit of New You Dentures™, you can combine them with dental implants. This gives them almost the same effectiveness as your natural teeth. The dentures can be secured with as few as three implants–even mini implants. You decide the level of bite strength you’re looking for, and we design the solution to achieve it.

Want to learn more about New You Dentures™ in Edgewater, NJ, please call (201) 943-6644 to schedule an appointment at Advanced Dentistry of Edgewater.