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You might think that the only reason to straighten teeth is because they look better. You’d be wrong. Crooked teeth don’t just look unattractive, they’re associated with serious health problems. Functional orthodontics address both the cosmetic and the health aspects of crooked teeth. They not only straighten teeth, they also expand the palate to improve overall health. As a side benefit, they can also improve your facial appearance!

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Functional orthodontics can help you have better overall health.

Benefits of Functional Orthodontics

Functional orthodontics have more goals than just straightening your teeth. The goals of the procedure include:

  • Expanding the lower jaw
  • Preserving your natural teeth
  • Improving balance between upper and lower jaw
  • Improving facial appearance
  • Expanding the airway for healthier breathing
  • Making your bite healthier
  • Eliminating the need for surgery

Traditional orthodontics focuses on the teeth. It applies force to the teeth to move them around in the jaw. Functional orthodontics looks at the way your jaw size and shape influences your teeth, bite, and airway. It uses the same technique of constant, applied force to stimulate growth of the jaw.

When we expand your jaw, we don’t have to extract teeth to make them straight–we create room for teeth. And we create more room for your airway. This can help alleviate snoring.

We can also achieve a better balance between the upper and lower jaw, giving you a more attractive profile. We eliminate the appearance of a weak or receding jaw.

ControlledArch Orthodontics

ControlledArch is a new approach to functional orthodontics. It utilizes braces very similar to traditional braces. But the actual tooth motions are influenced by an understanding of the body’s natural developmental pathways. It encourages tooth movement and jaw development to help you achieve your full genetic potential. This helps you achieve more balanced and beautiful facial proportions.

Because it works with your body’s natural development, ControlledArch also works faster than traditional orthodontics. Straight teeth, a more attractive appearance, and shorter treatment? What a deal!

Fixed and Removable Appliance Options

Unlike traditional orthodontics, functional orthodontics don’t have to be fixed. Instead of brackets bonded directly to teeth, we can use removable appliances for treatment. Removable appliances can be more comfortable, but their main benefits are flexibility and hygiene. With a removable appliance, you can eat all your favorite foods, and it’s easier to clean your teeth.

But with a removable appliance, you have to be responsible and wear it all the rest of the time. When a wearer isn’t responsible enough to keep the appliance in enough, fixed appliances might be a better choice. We will evaluate each case individually and make recommendations. We can even change from one style to another if necessary.

Does Functional Orthodontics Mean You Don’t Need Braces?

Functional orthodontics can sometimes take the place of braces, especially when treatment starts early. The actual treatment will vary from case to case.

If you would like to discuss functional orthodontics in Edgewater, NJ, please call (201) 943-6644 today for an appointment at Advanced Dentistry of Edgewater.