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Teeth Whitening Edgewater, NJ

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Are you unhappy with the appearance of discolored teeth? If so, then you’re not alone. Discolored teeth are probably the most common cosmetic dental problem that people look to have treated. Regular cleanings and good oral hygiene can help keep your teeth white, but it’s usually not enough to combat the impact of staining, foods, beverages, and habits on your teeth. And then there’s the simple fact that aging makes your teeth more likely to become discolored. Discolored teeth can make your smile look unhealthy and old, but whitening can give you a youthful, healthy appearance.

Do-it-yourself teeth whitening kits are on sale at every drug store, grocery store, and gas station in New Jersey. But if you’ve tried these, you know they can be hard to use properly. They might not whiten your teeth enough. Or the results might be uneven. Professional teeth whitening from our cosmetic dentists, led by Dr. Wanda Mejia and Dr. George Sepiashvili at Advanced Dentistry of Edgewater can give you assurance of the quality results you’re looking for.

Teeth Whitening Now!

With professional teeth whitening, you can get a brighter smile in less than an hour! Zoom Tooth Whitening is an in-office whitening procedure that dramatically whitens your teeth with just one visit. The procedure offers a simple approach to removing stains and brightening your teeth.

During your visit, we will start by putting a protective coating to your gums. Strong whitening can irritate gum tissue, and protecting your gums this way is one of the benefits of professional whitening. Then we will apply whitening gel to your teeth. We shine a special light on your teeth to help the process. This means that the whiteners can be more effective and faster at whitening. They will remove more stains in a shorter period of time.

To complement in-office whitening, we will give you a take-home whitening tray. That way, you can maintain your results at home.

Teeth whitening in Bergen County for a better smile

Gradual Results and Long-Term Maintenance

Some people don’t like the thought of getting whiter teeth too fast. It can make people notice your white smile in what might not always seem a positive way. If you want results that develop more subtly and gradually, we offer at-home whitening trays for gradual results. These can also be used to maintain results from in-office whitening.

These take-home trays are custom-fitted to your teeth. That way, they create a tight seal, which keeps the whitening gel in, and saliva–which can dilute the gel and interfere with results–out. This also means that the stronger whitening gel we give won’t irritate your gums.

What If My Teeth Don’t Respond to Whitening?

Teeth whitening is great at removing many stains responsible for discoloration. But it doesn’t help with some types of tooth discoloration. For example, teeth whitening won’t help if you have defects in your enamel, have thin enamel, or have a tooth that’s been discolored by trauma. During your consultation, we can evaluate your teeth and decide whether they will respond to whitening before we start. If they won’t whiten, we will recommend a procedure that will be effective, like veneers or crowns.

Are you looking for a whiter smile in or around Edgewater, NJ? Please call (201) 943-6644 or email the helpful staff at Advanced Dentistry of Edgewater to schedule an initial tooth whitening consultation with one of our cosmetic dentists today.